Who are the company’s target clients?

Our main clients operate in the following industries:

  • Earth-moving and handling machinery;
  • Hoisting and transport;
  • Building and general construction.
What materials are processed during mechanical machining and welding of metalwork?

In general structural and high yield steel is used.

What are the main mechanical constructions?

Our main products are medium to large-scale metalwork such as chassis and arms for hoisting and handling machinery, demolition and crushing machinery and all types of iron structures, weighing up to 30 tons.

Can you describe your work or production process?

The production process begins with the procurement of raw material and pantograph components and proceeds with mechanical machining using machining centres and bending machines, assembly and welding, which can be Tig, Mig or submerged arc, carried out by specialised personnel and robotised welding stations.
We have a department for plasma cutting square or rectangular mechanical structural pipes to specific drawings.

What tools do you use to manufacture mechanical constructions and metalwork?

Mechanical metalwork machining and assembly is developed and controlled using drawings submitted by the client.
Prototype development requires close cooperation between our technical department and the buyer. The company can meet the most varied needs thanks to the experience gained in this area over the years.
For further information please contact our technical department, which will be pleased to work with you in defining the development of the structures required.

Special and artistic productions

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